Know That Your Dog Is in Good Hands

We offer overnight dog boarding services to clients in the Moose Lake and Barnum, MN areas

Dogs are as much a part of the family as anyone. That means, when it's time to put them in boarding, you need a kennel you can count on. Liberty K9 is your pup's new favorite home away from home. You can rest assured that your pup will get the excellent treatment they deserve when they stay with us. Our overnight dog boarding services are available to dog owners from Moose Lake and Barnum, MN and surrounding areas.

Before you can schedule overnight dog boarding or long-term dog boarding services, your dog must participate in a day trial. We'll need to assess how your dog interacts with others and responds to commands. The trial will help us to personalize their stay.

Reach out to us today to learn more.

If you have multiple dogs, you can also choose to have them share a 5x5 run. However, before this can happen, we must know that the dogs can eat together without aggression. If they can't share a space without aggression, we must board them separately.

We'll let the dogs go out 6 to 10 times a day. You can also choose from several add-ons to customize your pup's stay.

If you're near Moose Lake or Barnum, MN and need overnight or long-term dog boarding services, turn to Liberty K9. Call 218-380-1925 today to get started.


We highly recommend that all dogs are on a heart worm preventative as well as flea/tick preventatives."


All boarding dogs MUST come with each meal pre-packaged (Each meal in its own bag). Each bag must be labeled with the dog's name.

We will either not accept the dog if it doesn't come with prepped meals. Or we will charge $20/day/dog to prepare the meals and Medications ourselves.

Board & Train dogs are exempt from this requirement during their training stay only.


Medications MUST be put in their meals in whatever they take them in (pill pocket, etc.). If there are Medications in a meal, the bag MUST be labeled AM or PM.

We will either not accept the dog if it doesn't come with prepped meals. Or we will charge $20/day/dog to prepare the meals and Medications ourselves.

Thanks for understanding! We want to give more time to your pups, and this will help TREMENDOUSLY.

Basic Boarding

Basic boarding includes a 5X5 indoor run that your dog has completely to itself. Your dog will get outside 6-12 times per day by itself. We have many add-ons listed below if you want special activities for your dog.

1st Dog
$38.00 per night

One dog, or 1st dog from same household.

2nd Dog
$28.00 per night

Discounted rate for second dog from same household in the same run.

Day Boarding


If your dog is found to not be a good fit for daycare, we offer day boarding. Your dog will get a minimum of (4) 15 minute yard times.

Half-Day Charge


This is added to your dogs' stay if you do a morning drop off, &/or an evening pick up.

Monthly Rate


This option is typically reserved for deployed members of the US Military. However, this option can be extended to those in the community who find themselves in extenuating circumstances and need a safe place for their dog to stay for an extended period of time.


You can add any of the following items to your dog's stay.

Country Stroll


If your dog has completed training with us (off-leash &/or leash manners) we will take him/her on a 15-20 minute walk.



Your dog must be evaluated for socialization and approved prior to joining social groups. This add-on is free for Board & Train graduates.

One-on-One Play Time


If your dog has not completed training with us, or previously been evaluated for socialization, our staff will spend one-on-one time with him/her for about 15 minutes.

Treadmill Session


10-20 minutes session on the treadmill with a trainer.

Interactive Toy


Your dog will get to play with one of our Starmark Interactive Toys (or a stuffed Kong) that provides them with mental stimulation. The game always ends with a treat!

Raw Meatballs


Kev's Canine Kitchen Raw Meatballs are an excellent and affordable add on! Add one to each of your dog's meals for $0.50/each or grab a whole bag for $12.00.

Raw Meatballs - MEATBALL PARTY!!!


Kev's Canine Kitchen Raw Meatballs for everyone to share! Add on a Meatball Party to your pet's stay and we will share meatballs with all of our guests. To make it even better... we will post pictures of everypawdy enjoying their yummy treat!

Bully Stick


The Barworthies Bully Sticks are a fan favorite!

Elk Antlers

Split $29.99 | Whole $37.99

The Barkworthies Elk Antlers are great for INTENSE chewers and can last months!

Cow Ear


How about adding a GIANT Barkworthies Cow Ear to your dog's stay?

Homemade Frozen Treat


Your dog is sure to love our homemade frozen treats! They're healthy and tasty.

Beef Booties w/ Bully Blend


Barkworthies beef booty, stuffed with a bully blend.

Beef Trachea - 6"


Barkworthies beef trachea - 6".

Go Home Bath


Just a quick freshen-up for your pooch before they go home. This is a basic bath and can only be added on to a training or boarding stay. Price depends on breed, size and behavior

Nail Trim


We can clip or file nails.

Birthday or Grad Party


Added to boarding, daycare, or training. Your pup will get a photo, cake, & a treat party to share with friends!

Rabbit Sausage


Collagen Ring


Braided Beef Gullet


Cheese Wrapped Collagen


Peanut Butter Dipped Beef Cheek


Moose Antler


Pick up and drop off hours are:

M-F : 7am - 9am & 4pm - 6pm
Sat : 8:30am - 10:30am
Sun : 8:30am - 10:30am & 4pm - 6pm

We also offer pick up and drop off times outside of our normal hours - BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. If you schedule a time outside of normal hours, there is a $32 convenience fee associated with the service. These drop offs and pick ups can only be done during staffed hours. We will never accept a dog too close to closing time (it does not provide the dog with enough time to adjust to a new environment before bed time).